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Search the database of all types of services, read reviews and comments from others


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Created to suite your needs

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You have access to all the benefits of digital scheduling.


Reduced number of cancellations

Easily manage your appointments with active notifications and reminders.



Appointments can be scheduled at any time of the day without the need for both parties to participate.


Digital appointment scheduling

Create your schedule in just a few clicks, always organized and easily accessible.



Track the status of your favorite venue and participate in rating the service and clients.



Connect with a broad user base from various industries, all in one place.

Enhance your business with ODDO

Enable your clients to discover and book appointments with you at any time through the most advanced domestic platform.

Automating appointment management will free you to focus on your business.

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FAQ - Most asked questions

Set filters and search all services on the platform. Choose a service and find a time that fits your schedule, and ODDO will send you an email to confirm your booking.

To become a business partner, you need to fill out a form and register the services you offer in your industry. A simple questionnaire will guide you through the registration process in a few steps.

On ODDO, you can find or post services in the following categories: Beauty Salons, Auto – Moto, Technical Inspections, Information Technology, Medicine, and Dentistry. If you believe that ODDO could also help your business, write to us at methodica.serbia@outlook.com

Because it’s available to all users 24/7 regardless of working hours, because there’s no need for manual scheduling in a notebook leading to double bookings, and because our team diligently works on improving all tools on the platform.

Digital scheduling is intended for anyone who wants to efficiently manage their time and book services or appointments online, including clients, patients, business people, hairdressers, doctors, therapists, fitness instructors, artists, and many others.

After the first 6 months of free usage, the subscription fee is 25 euros per month.


Do you have any further questions? Write to us!

An application designed for easier appointment scheduling for service providers and their clients!

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